Privacy policy

Privacy is very important to Timx. We therefore strive for high protection of personal data in our online services in all cases where we have an actual opportunity. In this context, we point out that Timx cannot guarantee secure transfer of personal information to or from you who use via the internet.

By using our websites and associated online services, you consent to and accept that we collect and use personal information as described below.

Personal information

Timx is responsible for the processing of personal information collected through the use of our websites and associated online services. Personal information is information and assessments that can be linked to an individual.

Timx only collects personal information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail after express and voluntary consent, based on information you receive on the website, has been given by you. By using our websites and associated online services, you agree and accept that we collect and use personal information as described here. The purpose of collecting information, both personal information and other information, is that Timx or our partners will be able to use the information you provide us to improve the content and services on our websites and associated online services. This includes updating material on the website, notification of new Timx services, new opportunities to be in dialogue with us through the website, as well as the opportunity to send you information you have requested, and get advice from you on how we can develop the website .

To the extent that you send information that identifies you, ie personal information, you agree that the information is used as mentioned above. This applies unless otherwise stated. Your consent implies that Timx has the rights to use and store this information in its internal systems, regardless of how these are set up technically. This means that you agree that personal data may be transferred across national borders to the extent that Timx deems it necessary. To the extent that Timx uses technical solutions abroad, the information will still be in Timx’s possession and your consent does not involve that your personal information may be transferred to outsiders, with the exception of Timx’s partners.

Information that does not identify a person

Timx will also collect information that is not related to a person. The purpose of this collection will be to obtain statistical data on the total number of visitors to our websites, the number of visitors per page on our websites and the domain name of the visitor’s web provider.

We use this information to understand how our visitors use our websites so that we can improve them.

No personal information is disclosed in this process.

Use of IP addresses

An IP address is a series of numbers that are automatically assigned to your computer when you log on to the Internet, to your organization’s local area network (LAN) or to a larger network (WAN). When you use the Internet, your computer is identified by the IP address assigned to your computer. You can compare it to a temporary phone number.

To the extent that an IP address can be said to be personal information, you agree that Timx may collect IP addresses. The purpose of this treatment will be for use in system administration and to revise the use of our websites. We will not normally associate an IP address with a user’s personal information. This means that each user session will be registered, but the user will remain anonymous to us. The use of an IP address to identify a user may be used if a user behaves inappropriately, so that it is necessary to know the identity of the user in order to protect the website and other users of the website.

Links to other sites

On Timx’s websites you can find links to third party websites. The privacy policy you are currently reading will not apply to other people’s websites. Timx is not responsible for privacy policies on third party websites linked to from Timx’s websites. We recommend that you always check the privacy policy of any website you may visit.


Timx’s computer network is password protected, and by industry standard firewalls. Timx has security systems to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of user data stored in our systems.

With the exception of the section below, only authorized employees have access to the information you provide to us.

We can not guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not occur, but we will do everything we can to prevent it.

Share personal information with third parties

Timx will in no case sell or rent personal information to outsiders. However, we would like to inform you that in special cases we may provide personal information to outsiders in the following situations:

Situations where selected third parties through their websites offer Timx support services. In some cases, these may have access to information about you in order to provide service to Timx. All companies that provide services to Timx must meet strict data protection requirements. You agree that Timx may transfer your personal information abroad in this context. This also applies to transfers to states outside the EU / EEA area.

There may be cases where we believe it is necessary to provide personal information in order to identify, contact or initiate legal action against persons who may harm you or otherwise circumvent Timx’s rights, property or operation, harm users of this website. or others who may be harmed by such activities.

When we believe the law requires it, or in response to inquiries from the Norwegian authorities in connection with the investigation of criminal cases, or in connection with an ongoing civil case or administrative investigation, we will be able to pass on personal information.

Your responsibility when sending personal and health information

This website, and the database with information you may submit, is stored in Norway, with Timx’s selected supplier. By submitting personal and / or health-related information through this website, you agree that the information is stored in Norway.

You further agree that Timx, in its sole discretion, may use information about you in situations referred to in this Privacy Policy.

Feel free to contact us

According to the Personal Data Act, you have the right to ask Timx for access to all personal data that applies to you, as well as to have data corrected that may be incorrect. You also have the right to have personal information about you deleted. You can also contact us at any time and revoke your consent for us to use information about you in the situations described in these guidelines.

You can also contact us at

Further information on privacy can be obtained by contacting the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.


Any change to this Privacy Policy will be communicated immediately on this page.